Call for Abstracts

Abstract registration period Abstract registration was finished. April 10, 2014 (Thursday) - noon, May 28, 2014 (Wednesday) noon, June 12, 2014(Thursday) Abstract registration [ Title ] The abstract title should be no longer than 25 words. [ Body ] ・The abstract body should be no longer than 250 words.
・Structure (recommended but not required): Background / Aim - Methods - Results - Summary / Conclusion(s).
・ Use standard abbreviations. Explain unusual abbreviations.
[ Topics and Presentation Styles ] Please select a topic which is most applicable to your study. You may also specify the preference for an oral or a poster presentation. Please note that the Program Committee will make the final allocation if the abstract is accepted. Topics (Oral/Poster)
 Hemodialysis  Regenerative medicine
 Hemofiltration  Tissue engineering
 Peritoneal Dialysis  Biocompatibility / biomaterials
 Apheresis  Clinical Engineering
 Other (Blood Purification)  Complication
 Vascular Access  Patient Education and Counseling
 Transplantation  Home medical care
 Ventricular assist device  Crisis management
 Extracorporeal circulation  Robotics
 Mechanical circulatory support  Human interface
 Artificial heart  Regulatory science
 Artificial valve  Other
 Vascular prosthesis  Clinical Engineering: Artificial heart‐lung
 Artificial heart lung  Clinical Engineering: Other (Circulation Organs)
 Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation  Clinical Engineering: Hemodialysis
 Pacemaker / ICD  Clinical Engineering: Apheresis
 Artificial liver  Clinical Engineering: Other (Blood Purification)
 Artificial pancreas  Clinical Engineering: Other
 Artificial oxygen carrier  Nursing
 Artificial sense organ  
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